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× 1. Handle head

1. Handle head

Bulge located at the end of the handle, which provides grip and prevents the knife from slipping.

× 2. Handle

2. Handle

Directly hot-molded onto the back of the blade to form a single body.
The patented double-molded handle of the Premana Professional line ensures an ergonomic grip.

× 3. Guard

3. Guard

Part of the handle that prevents the hand from slipping on the blade.

× 4. Laser mark

4. Laser mark

Contains the following information:
Made in Italy
Sanelli Professional Stainless Steel
Characteristics of steel used:
X50CR MO 14 or X60 CR MO V 14
Lot number, identifies product traceability, quality assurance: lot 23105
Item ID: 316621
and American NSF certification mark

× 5. Heel

5. Heel

Part at the tail of the blade.
Depending on the models, it may be protruding or inserted into the guard.

× 6. Cutting edge or bevel

6. Cutting edge or bevel

Part of the V-shaped blade.
All knives Sanelli have The cutting edge in a convex shape, obtained by hand sharpening

× 7. Thread

7. Thread

The sharpest part of the bevel.

× 8. Coast

8. Coast

Upper and thicker part of the blade.
Rounded-edged, for greater safety in use.

× 9. Oiling

9. Oiling

Where provided, it is intended to keep the slice from sticking to the blade.

× 10. Tip

10. Tip

End of the blade.
Pointed or rounded, depending on the models.

In the range of products Sanelli every professional, every enthusiast, every amateur, can find the product best suited to their needs

The extensive production of cutting items and accessories is aimed at professionals working in the catering industry in the food industry to textiles and furniture. With the same care and quality standards, numerous items intended for domestic use are also produced. Just as for a recipe a wise choice of ingredients is essential, so for its preparation it is essential to use the right tools.


 Use and


Each tool is built for a specific use. Do not use for other processing. Avoid use as leverage, or for any nonculinary use. Especially avoid use for cutting inappropriate materials such as wood, wire, aluminum. Wash before use.


It is advisable to wash by hand, with ordinary household detergents, taking care to remove all residues that easily remain on the blade near the handle. Special attention should be paid to cleaning after use with corrosive substances (e.g., sodium chloride). In general, all organic liquids can become harmful if contact is prolonged for many hours.

 Knife sharpening 

Chrome-molybdenum steel knives keep sharp for a long time. However, it is recommended that sharpening be carried out periodically with thesharpening steel: pass thesharpening steel over the knife edge butmaintaining an angle of incidence of no more than 20°. All sharpeners are magnetized to retain the material resulting from sharpening and prevent it from contaminating food products.


For proper use of Knives Sanelli
usethe knife only for its specific purpose


Keep the knife sharp

Use thesharpening steel.
Alternatively, rely on a specialized grinder who uses water grinding wheels

Hand washing


Hand washing

We recommend hand washing, and drying with a soft cloth

Do not use the knife improperly


Do not use the knife improperly

A knife is not a chisel, lever, or screwdriver

Use it on a suitable surface not on marble or ceramics
Always clean the knife after each use
You can wash it in the dishwasher, but be sure not to leave it dirty/wet inside before and after the wash cycle
You will avoid the formation of stains on the blade
Store it in a dry place, preventing the blades from coming into contact with each other
 How is the knife produced? 
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