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  • Line: Premana
  • Suitable for: Cakes
  • Usage: Spreading
Blade length:
Linea Premana Professional

Spatola cuoco piegata 30
Lunghezza lama: 30 cm.
Spatola flessibile, ideale per pasticceria e per cucinare alla piastra e alla griglia.
Manico ergonomico in doppio stampaggio e materiale antiscivolo con additivo Biomaster.

EAN CODE: 8007372008438

Premana Professional Line

The Premana Professional line of Coltellerie Sanelli S.r.l. was created by analyzing and solving, in every detail, the problems faced by the most careful professional who uses these working tools on a daily basis.
By making the green knives of the Premana Professional line, the Coltellerie Sanelli S.r.l. have significantly improved the concept of safety, reliability, hygiene in a decisive way, paying attention not only to hardness, flexibility and shearing power of the blades, but also to the ergonomic shape of the handle.

Currently no other professional cutlery line has all these features.

Knives in the Premana Professional line are patented in Europe and the United States.

The Premana Professional line of Coltellerie Sanelli Srl was created by analyzing and solving, in every detail, the problems faced by the most attentive professional who uses these work tools on a daily basis.

  • High hardness (54-56 HRC).
  • Good flexibility.
  • High shearing power.
  • Long thread life.
  • Wire gauge especially designed for professional use.
  • Excellent ease of resharpening.
  • The convex shape of the blade provides effective support when considerable user effort is required. No chipping occurs.
  • Exclusive ergonomic design of the handle. It is the result of special studies conducted at qualified University Institutes (a research unit called EPM: Ergonomics of Posture and Movement at the Polytechnic University of Milan) and validated by computerized experimental tests.
  • The ergonomic shape ensures a significant decrease in fatigue on the part of the user.
  • The handle is non-slip by having a soft but slightly wrinkled surface: there is more safety in use.
  • The material used is nontoxic and complies with European standards.
  • The material used resists temperature changes (-40°C +150°C), corrosives and detergents.
  • The knife is therefore dishwasher-safe and sterilizable. absolute hygiene is thus guaranteed.
  • The handle is perfectly balanced with the blade.
  • The green color of the handle makes it possible to immediately identify the position of the knife on the workbench: more safety.
  • Biomaster is a permanent antibacterial protection consisting of a silver ion-based, inorganic additive that is inserted into the handle of knives Premana, at the time of molding.
  • The high concentration of silver ions present in the Biomaster additive provides a release of silver ions, which safely inhibits microbial growth from the first few minutes, reaching almost complete inhibition within 24 hours.
  • Once incorporated into the knives' handles, Biomaster becomes an integral part of them providing safe, effective and inexhaustible antimicrobial protection.
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